Forklift attachments give you extra versatility and are a great way to modify your truck to meet specific needs and requirements which a standard truck may not otherwise be able to achieve。

Forklift attachments can also bring improvements in efficiency and productivity, and, most importantly, they can ensure the safety of an operator when completing a particularly tricky or unusual task。

Below, we explore 6 of the most popular forklift attachments.

Fork positioners

Fork positioners are a forklift attachment that allow the operator to increase or reduce the gap between the forks without having to leave their seat。 Operated hydraulically, the fork positioner attachment allows the operator to quickly adjust the forks based on the size of the load to ultimately improve efficiency。

This is the perfect attachment for those that handle non-standard loads or unusually sized pallets and offers a range of benefits including quicker loading times, accuracy of positioning and reduced damage to pallets and other loads.

Side shifters

Side shifters are the most common attachment used by operators. They allow the forks to move side to side, without the truck having to be moved completely. This is particularly useful in tight warehouse spaces.

重庆秒秒彩走势Side shifters offer accurate positioning, allowing small movements to be made in order to line up the pallet with the truck precisely. This saves time and fuel consumption, while increasing manoeuvrability. Like fork positioners, side shifters reduce pallet damage and speed up the loading process.

Self-dumping hoppers

重庆秒秒彩走势Self-dumping hoppers are forklift attachments that allow you to move large volumes of waste materials or bulk storage. There are many types of self-dumping hoppers, designed to carry a variety of weight loads and to meet the requirements of different industries.

Self-dumping hoppers offer the operator a range of benefits, including improved productivity by being able to move larger loads in one go and safer removal of waste items。


You may be in a situation where you need to handle loads that aren’t on a pallet. In this instance, a clamp could be the right forklift attachment for you. Forklift clamps allow you to handle large, non-palletized loads that may otherwise be tricky to manoeuvre. However, there are many different clamps available, including bale clamps, pipe clamps and drum clamps, so you’ll need to spend some time looking into the right clamp for your specific needs.

Although these forklift attachments are valuable in a range of industries, they are most commonly used in the construction, food and beverage and agriculture industries。

Push/pull attachments

The push/pull attachment replaces standard forks and has been designed specifically to handle slip sheets。 Using a faceplate and a gripper, the attachment allows you to easily move loads that are packed on slip sheets, which are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to pallets。

This attachment is most commonly used in the agricultural and food and beverage industries but could be used by any company that is looking to slip sheets in order to make cost savings。 Alongside cost savings, using a combination of a slip sheet and the push/pull attachment will decrease the risk of damage and increase container shipping volumes。


重庆秒秒彩走势Hooks, like clamps, are ways of safely transporting non-palletized loads. These forklift attachments transform the truck into a mini crane, allowing you to hoist and manoeuvre loads that may otherwise by difficult to move.

Again, there are many different forklift hooks to choose from, so it is worth considering all the options to find the option that is most suited for your requirements. They are simple to use and cost effective, making them a great choice compared to their alternatives.

Making the right choice

Forklift attachments bring many benefits, but it is important to remember that they can also have their drawbacks. The centre of gravity, load capacities and battery life are just some of the things that can be negatively impacted by attachments. If you’d like more information on forklift attachments, take a look at this article where we explore in depth the pros and cons of using forklift accessories.

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Fork positioners
Fork positioners
Paper roll clamps
Paper roll clamps
Clamp for square-sized loads
Clamp for square-sized loads
Multiple pallet handler for picking up two pallets at the same time
Multiple pallet handler for picking up two pallets at the same time