Warehouse Equipment Specialists

At Cat® Lift Trucks, we’ve designed a high performing range of warehouse equipment including power pallet trucks, pallet stackers, order pickers and 重庆秒秒彩走势reach trucks to help you make the most of the available space in your storage facilities and to operate more efficiently. This extremely efficient and versatile range of warehouse handling equipment is developed with the same knowledge, expertise and precision as the products from the wider Cat® brand.

Take a look behind the scenes to discover just how much thought, research and expertise goes into the design and development of our warehouse equipment. Watch how we developed the NO12-25N2(F)(X)(P)(FP) low level order picker below.

Our Warehouse Handling Equipment Range

Pallet Trucks and Stackers:

Being small and highly manoeuvrable, our power pallet trucks are excellent for moving individual pallets or other unit loads at ground level and for loading goods vehicles via a loading dock。 Some of our stackers also add the versatility of being able to lift a load to heights of around 6m。

Reach Trucks and Multi-Way Reach Trucks:

Perfect for higher-level operations, our modern reach trucks give extended lift heights which allow warehouse operators to pack goods in right up to roof level, ensuring maximum storage density in any given footprint。

  • If you’re looking for reach trucks with lifting heights of up to 13 metres, see: NR14-25N2
  • If you’re looking for great versatility in movement, see NRM20-25N2

Order Pickers

Cat Lift Trucks offers you the best order pickers in the warehouse equipment industry. Why? Because we’ve built an order picker for every single warehouse application and because each one is designed with your operator’s comfort in mind.

Why choose our warehouse equipment?

重庆秒秒彩走势As well as helping you to make the most of your available vertical space, our warehouse equipment is also designed to work in aisles far narrower than those required by a counterbalance warehouse forklift truck - meaning that more bays of racking (and thus more goods) can be squeezed into any given area. Our very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse handling equipment is the most extreme example, with lift trucks that work in aisles just a few millimetres wider than they are.

Subject to operational requirements, the right warehouse equipment can solve the problem of using non-standard racking configurations such as drive-in, double-deep or mobile racking - all of which make for even higher storage densities。

See our full range of warehouse equipment below. If you want to find out more about our forklifts, click here.